About Camilla

Find out who I am, and what I can do for you

I have one deep desire when it comes to my clients: to make it possible for you to create the life you want. I am dedicated to helping you tap into your own inner, authentic voice and create ways to thrive.

After years of working as an English teacher, I more and more gravitated towards my passion, which is guiding and coaching young students who are not who or where they want to be in life. Young, beautiful people feeling confused, fearful, insecure or sometimes even completely lost in this world.

I graduated as a Holistic Energy Therapist in 2004 and have since been coaching people through my work as a teacher and in my private practice.

The essence of my work as a coach is to help you find the keys to live the life you really want.

This I know: where two persons come together for the sake of one, great breakthroughs and changes can take place.

I have experienced this from both perspectives, as a coach but also as a client. I have definitely had times in my life when I needed coaching myself.

During my study to become an Energy Therapist I received the best coaching and therapy a person can receive. It helped me heal and transform deep-seated wounds and fears.

When I opened up for help, I opened up for a new life.

I you are still reading this, you are also part of my New Life. I am here to serve. I want to use my talents to help you use yours. Simple as that.