Life Coaching for Children

Find out about Life Coaching, for children

Many children are having such a hard time these days! The challenges are so many for our young ones and their parents:

  • Not knowing how to put into words what you know
  • Being wired for ways of learning that don’t exist yet
  • The stress and strain of smartphone addiction or gaming addiction
  • Not feeling ”at home”, safe, happy or understood in this world
  • The online dangers
  • Not knowing how to use food to influence the way you are feeling

Within the Educational world I have for many years given trainings for children with test anxiety or social anxiety. I also give social skills trainings and assertiveness trainings. I am a certified Rock and Water trainer and I give Rock and Water trainings for groups.

There are many ways to help our kids feel safe and happy in their body. Coaching for children is a way to learn

  • how to calm your own nervous system
  • how to stay grounded
  • how to translate and put into words the energies you are feeling or maybe seeing
  • how to feel at home in your own body and in the world
  • how to set reachable goals
  • how to be the best version of yourself

If you have a child who is struggling in any way, I invite you to make an appointment for specialized coaching.